Helping you navigate through the second half of life with clarity, vision and purpose


Brenda Dineen, M.Ed.
Registered Clinical Counsellor

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Enjoy this guided meditation on "Finding Balance"

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The afternoon of life is a time to listen deeply to your heart. Carl Jung

Are You Feeling Anxious in the Second Half of Your Life?

Counselling Can Be Your Compass Through the Uncharted Territory of Midlife and Beyond

Are you in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s and struggling with any of these issues?

You might be feeling alone, trying to figure it out by yourself. You can receive support right now. Call Brenda for a free 20 minute phone consultation: 604-435-9400.

The years during the second half of life are a time of significant change and transitions.

You are being challenged to let go of your old identity and ways of being. Your task is to lay the groundwork for a new sense of self. There can be anxiety in letting go of previous patterns, living with uncertainty and trying to find new directions that are satisfying and rewarding for you. No one has given you a map or a compass to help you navigate this stage in life.

Many people feel overwhelmed by the number of issues they are dealing with and struggle to maintain some balance and cope with the weight of the concerns they face.  As well as having many responsibilities, you may find you are also dealing with the aging process and don’t have the energy and resilience to cope, that you had in the past. This factor can make your burdens seem heavier.

However, regardless of any of the above problems you may be experiencing, through counselling, you can make the second half of life work well for you.

You can discover new hope and fresh possibilities at this time, that were not available before. You can find that both deeper meaning and greater wisdom come into your awareness, as well as being able to utilize your own unique gifts and strengths in your life. As you turn your focus more inward during these years, you can discover new directions and choices and a renewed sense of purpose to live for. This is all possible and available to you. You can find a new place in life that feels fulfilling to you.

As your counsellor, I can help you discover how to make the second half of life work best for you. I will help you navigate through your journey to a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Counselling in the Second Half of Life Can Provide You With the Following Benefits:

  • Get clear about your current stage and create a map for the road ahead
  • Overcome your fears and doubts and take new steps for yourself
  • Let go of thoughts, beliefs and patterns that no longer work for you and create new ones that do 
  • Gain confidence in dealing with the issues facing you
  • Strengthen your support system
  • Discover your unique gifts and strengths and how to bring them forth
  • Open the door to new mindsets, insights and significant transformations
  • Find the treasures and opportunities of this important time in your life
  • Feel greater inner peace

Counselling in the second half of life can be the compass which helps you transform struggle and worry into a deeply rewarding and meaningful life. Your perspectives on life may be changing and these perspectives need to be acknowledged and understood. You can shift from feeling discouraged or uneasy into having a clear sense of direction so that you feel satisfied and have a sense of purpose. Counselling can give you the tools to chart a smoother passage ahead.