Areas of Focus

Helping you navigate through the second half of life with clarity, vision and purpose

Grief and Loss

  • You’ve lost one or both parents and you are having trouble coping
  • Some close friends or loved ones have died
  • Your losses are felt acutely and remind you of your own mortality

Through the second half of life, we are experiencing multiple losses, including the deaths of friends and family members.  These losses impact us strongly, and layer one upon the other. We are sharply reminded of our mortality especially when we see people our own age die.

As well as deaths, there are other significant losses:  the loss of dreams from our youth, the loss of who we once thought we were, and perhaps the loss of meaning or purpose we had in the past.  How do we recover from these losses and maintain our equilibrium? It is often a challenge to cope and to find a new foundation and clarity in the midst of many losses.

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Questions you might contemplate:

  • How do I typically handle losses in my life? Do I use unhealthy ways to deal with loss?
  • Do I usually isolate myself, or do I reach out for support when I’m experiencing a loss?
  • Are there losses from the past that I have not dealt with or recovered from?
  • How have I grown and learned from the past losses in my life? How did they touch my soul?