Areas of Focus

Helping you navigate through the second half of life with clarity, vision and purpose

Family Problems

  • There is conflict in your family that has not been resolved
  • You feel worried or burdened by grown children who are still dependent on you
  • You’re consumed and stressed by the tasks involved in caring for elderly parents
  • You don’t have a life partner and you seek intimacy and connection
  • You are married/have a life partner and your relationship is in distress

In the second half of life, family issues are both multiple and complex. As aging parents are in their elder years, the burden of care often falls on family members. Grown children are often dependent on their parents for both financial and personal support. Many are moving back home! When parents do become empty-nesters, they can face the challenge of renegotiating their marriage. Adult children and grandchildren may live far away, making regular visits very difficult.  Single people enjoy their freedoms but need social connections and support networks. These days, many people live in step- or blended-families and are juggling all the needs of those situations. Most people in the second half of life are coping with some form of family needs or responsibilities and are looking for ways to manage.

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Questions you might contemplate:

  • What is happening in my family right now?
  • What does my family need most?
  • How am I currently handling stress and overload in my family?
  • What is important to me and my family?
  • If I am overloaded, where can I turn to for resources and support?
  • What do I appreciate about my family?