Helping you navigate through the second half of life with clarity, vision and purpose

How I Work

I am passionate about my work as a counsellor. Over the past 25 years I have witnessed incredible growth in the clients I have worked with. It doesn’t matter how long you have been struggling or what your concerns are, there are many possibilities for change and transformation through counselling.

Healing and growth take place in a safe environment. To this end, I provide a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship with you, so that you feel safe and comfortable exploring your issues or concerns.  My warm and supportive style puts clients at ease and helps them open to their inner thoughts and feelings. I will treat you with respect and unconditional regard. You can feel free to talk without being judged and I assure you of confidentiality.

I believe in human resiliency. Everyone has innate gifts, strengths and resources and when these are uncovered, can become sources of support, awareness and change. You may not be aware of what these are for you. We will work together to identify your personal gifts and strengths and find ways to bring these forth.

My approach is personalized and will be based on your individual issues and needs.  I am curious about you and your personal journey.  My work is client-centered in that you will always set the pace and direction.  I will show you compassion and empathy as we work together to solve your problems. I bring deep insights and my gentle spirit to support you in your journey.

The general goals of counselling are to assist you in living from your authentic self and to move past any barriers to create the life you want.  I can help you find the courage and inner strength to become:

  • more self-confident and accepting of yourself
  • clear about what you want and need at this time in your life
  • gain new insights into yourself and what is possible for you
  • more content with your current stage in life
  • more hopeful and optimistic
  • able to make fresh choices and take new steps

My commitment to you is to help you gain self-confidence, awareness and fresh insights to take new steps as you navigate the second half of your life.

I use a variety of therapy approaches, to suit your individual needs. These include:

• Guided Meditation – this will help you overcome blocks and get clearer on what you want

• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – this is a simple, but profound process of tapping on energy meridians in your body to release negative feelings and beliefs to allow room for more positive ones.

• Solution-focussed – we’ll find what will work best for you and then help you do more of it

• Deep  breathing and relaxation techniques – which will help you deal with stress and feel more relaxed and at ease.

• Affirmations- we’ll choose positive statements designed to alter your current thoughts and beliefs so you will experience positive change

• Journaling- my clients often do journal writing in between sessions and sometimes bring their writing to their counselling session for discussion.

I offer the following services:

  • individual counselling
  • couple counselling
  • workshops
  • telephone counselling for people outside the Vancouver area
I look forward to speaking with you!