2019: Follow Your Heart

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2019-Follow Your Heart-Brenda Dineen

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

Let’s welcome the New Year: 2019!

The old has passed away and the new is beckoning, full of possibilities. This is an opportunity to reflect upon where you are on your life path.

Picture doors of opportunity in front of you. See them opening. Step into this year with courage and purpose!

2019 is calling… How do you want to be living? What will make this year a truly memorable one for you?

As you go through your daily life, you are faced with making so many choices. Some of these are easy. Others more challenging. Have you noticed how you make your choices and decisions? Maybe you have a checklist of pros and cons. Sometimes this can work. Sometimes it doesn’t.

A woman once told me she made a major decision by writing a list of pros and cons. After writing the list, an inner voice was telling her what to do, but she ignored that voice. Instead she believed, that because her mind was so strong, she needed to listen to it. However, afterwards she experienced a lot of conflict and began to doubt she made the right decision.

The heart is a place of deep knowing. When you listen to your heart, you know what choice to make. The choice feels right. It feels true and it comes easily, without noise or distraction.

There are so many distractions, so many voices pulling you this way and that. How do you tune all of this out, and listen to the whispers of your heart? Sometimes people suffer with the wrong choice and finally listen to what they really want to do.

I once knew a man, Tom who became a lawyer. Tom went into law because his father told him that was the right choice and he pressured Tom to go to law school, even though the he did not want to go. Tom practiced law for a number of years but he was very unhappy. He had always wanted to be an artist. Eventually he listened to his inner calling and he quit law. Tom became an artist.

Have you made a decision because someone else told you to? How did it feel? How did it turn out?

Develop some practices to tune into your heart. It is often really helpful to become quiet and the answer will come to you.

• Meditate

• Go for a walk in nature

• Take a break from electronics

• Sit in quiet reflection

• Write in your journal

Learn to trust your instincts. If it’s in your heart, go for it. Listen when it speaks to you. It often whispers in your ear. It rarely shouts. Trust this inner guidance system to lead you on the right path. As you practice this, the more it will offer to you. The resources and supports you need begin to show up in your life.

Here is a practical way to support yourself: make a change in your morning routine. For the first hour of your morning, do not reach for your smartphone or check email.

Spend an hour this way:

• Meditate or spend a few minutes in quiet reflection

• Read a passage, or a chapter from an uplifting book

• Spend a few minutes doing yoga or stretching

• Review your plans and intentions for the day

• Make your bed

• Have a shower

Then, notice the difference your new morning routine makes to your day.

Don’t allow the noise and distraction of the world to silence the whispers of your heart. Walk away from something that does not feel right to you.

If you feel lost, confused or uncertain, tune once again into your heart. Notice the message it is giving you. Listening to your heart will become an integral part of your life.

In 2019, make a commitment to follow your heart. You will be glad you did.

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