Summer Solstice: Welcome the Light!

© 2016 Brenda Dineen | Reprinting permission with credit to author

Mountains landscape in Vorarlberg, Austria

Summer Solstice is upon us: the longest day and shortest night of the year.

This is a big time of transition in the year. Nature is signaling change for us. Summer’s arms are opening wide, ushering in the new season. This is my favourite time of year, with so much sunlight and warmth.

In the past, our ancestors would mark this time with ritual and celebration. In current times we may have lost the deeper meaning of Solstice but many of us sense this time of year signals change. A number of years ago I used to go to a big annual Summer Solstice party in Vancouver where everyone wore white, we celebrated, ate barbecued salmon, danced and partied late. What great memories I hold of those parties!

Summer Solstice is a doorway to the second half of the year. We are already halfway through 2016!

May you embrace the possibilities that Summer holds.

Take a little time to reflect:

what is this year bringing you?
what are you learning?
what do you feel good about?
is there something you want to let go of?

Looking ahead to Summer, ask yourself:

what does Summer hold in store for me?
what do I need?
what do I want to create?
who do I want to spend time with?

I notice at the beginning of Summer I begin thinking of where I want to go and who I want to see. The rhythm of life shifts in the summer. We go on vacations, go to music festivals, spend more time outdoors, get out of some routines, enjoy less structure and often slow our work life down.

As well as activities, Summer offers greater rewards: a deeper time of rest, relaxation and reflection. Many people are feeling these needs. This is a time when you might be able to unplug from your usual patterns. Unplugging allows you to get new perceptions about your life and gives you a calm space to be creative.

It helps to approach the new season with awareness and intention. In doing so, you create more of the life you want.

Focus on what you wish to nurture and develop in yourself over the coming months. Stand at the threshold and ask yourself: What do I want to encourage or enhance in my life?

When you come to the end of Summer, how do you want to be feeling? Refreshed? Energized? Have new perspectives? Taking a little time to answer this question helps you create the best summer for you.

The warmth and beauty of Summer helps bring in expansive feelings. This is a season of possibilities.

May you allow the beautiful energy of Summer to fill your soul and to carry you forward. Share your experiences with someone close to you or write in your journal. I would be happy to hear how this goes for you.

Warm wishes