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Welcome 2016!

© 2016 Brenda Dineen | Reprinting permission with credit to author


Let’s welcome the new year: 2016! The old is passing away and the new is beckoning to us, full of possibilities. The New Year gives us an opportunity to reflect upon where we are on our journey, to review things we have been learning and to identify some things that hold us back or that we need to let go of. In our wisdom may we celebrate all aspects of our lives— the challenges and the opportunities— with gratitude.

The new year is full of possibility. Picture doors of opportunity in front of you. See them opening. Step into this year with courage and purpose!

2016 is calling. What is 2016 asking of you? What does it hold in store?

This may be a time to reconnect or to rekindle your passions and to live the life you were born to live- – a life of joy, abundance, and compassion. Remember this: the world needs your gifts and talents.

We each have the choice to live more consciously and to age wisely. As we do this, we contribute our wisdom not only to those who are currently with us but also to those who are coming after us.

Now I am in my late 60s, I am aware I have fewer years ahead of me than behind me and I savor this time. Somehow the years become more precious as we age. Perhaps this makes me dream and set my intentions more clearly.

Setting your intentions is a powerful way to direct your life. Intention is the driving force that fulfills our needs, whether for health, adventure, new learning, relationships and inner peace.

Some suggested steps:

– Reflect back on 2015. What did the last year bring you? What did you learn? What do you feel good about? What do you need to let go of?
– Get focussed.
– Set your intentions. As you do this, you bring everything into alignment. Take time to get clear in what you want in the coming year. When you take the time to focus on your intentions, you open space that brings them into fruition.

You might ask yourself:

– How do I want to be feeling?
– How do I want to enhance my health and wellbeing and how will I keep my commitments to these?
– What is my support system like right now? Do I have all the support that I need?
– How do I commit to living my life with greater meaning and purpose?

Nurture your intentions each day. Repeat them. Write them. Hold them strongly in your heart and most importantly, take active steps towards your intentions.

One of my intentions this coming year is to connect with people from my past. All those special memories of friends from the past are treasures to savor, and to weave into my current life. If you are someone from my past, I would love to speak with you about the special times we shared. Something I am interested in asking: What did that time contribute to our lives? Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to talking with you.

May your year be blessed with health, joy and fulfillment.

Warmest wishes for 2016,