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Where Are You Placing Your Attention?

© 2015 Brenda Dineen | Reprinting permission with credit to author

Pregnant woman practicing yoga, sitting in lotus position on a beach at sunset

“We have the power to wake up, to touch enlightenment from moment to moment in our very own ordinary and yes, busy lives. Let’s start now. Peace is your every breath.” - Thich Nhat Hahn, Buddhist MonkDo you notice where your thoughts take you during the day? Most of us have scattered thinking and our minds take us here and there. Do you sometimes drive from your house to work and not remember what you saw on the way because you were so lost in thought?

Are you aware that many of your thoughts are the same ones you had yesterday and the day before that? When I was young, everyone played their music on records. When the record got scratched, the needle kept playing the same note over and over and you thought you were going crazy. So you took the needle off the record. The scratched record is like your thinking…..the same old thoughts…..can wear you down.

With modern technology we are continually pulled in many directions, leaving us feeling scattered. It takes effort to bring your mind back to what you actually want to focus on.


Your mind is very powerful. When you consciously focus your thinking you can accomplish a lot. Recall a time when you really focussed on something and you manifested it in your life. Your thoughts do create your life.

As you become more conscious, you can direct your thoughts in positive ways. You have choice about where to place your attention.

Here are some suggestions:
• Begin each day with a few minutes of quiet and reflection.
• Begin a meditation practice, if you do not already have this in your daily routine.
• Set your intention for the day. E.g. Today I am going to be clear. I am going to be
heart-centered. I am going to deeply listen.

Take your energy off of things that are: unproductive, draining or make you judgmental, anxious or moody.

Bring your attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath.

Be willing to see with fresh eyes.

Celebrate the choices you have.

In this moment choose peace. Think peace. Feel peace.

Warm wishes,