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Honouring All Mothers

© 2015 Brenda Dineen | Reprinting permission with credit to author

Each year on the second Sunday in May we have a huge celebration for our mothers.  Mother’s Day has become an annual ritual . We take Mom out to lunch, buy her flowers and tell her we love her.

What about the rest of the year?  Do we honour our mothers on those days too?

When I became a mother at the age of 41, I went through a significant transformation. I suddenly saw myself as a part of the billions of women who are mothers.  No one prepared me for this transition. Before I had my daughter I went to pre-natal classes, read books, bought furniture, had baby showers and talked to friends who were already mothers. But no one told me anything about the personal transcendent experience of becoming a mother. I felt completely different and humbled. And I felt a deep and unconditional love for my daughter.

Do we all take our mothers for granted?  Most of us have issues with our own mother, including resentments. But it is always important to pause and be grateful to her for the precious gift of life she gave you among many other reasons to be grateful for.

On Mother’s Day this year, take a little time to thank your own mother for everything she did for you and all she is to you. You can do this whether she is here or not, whether you feel close to her or not.

My own mother is now 92, struggling with dementia as well as broken bones and decreased mobility.  She has courage as she goes through this time. She is coping with the losses of what is most important to her, her mobility and her mind. I often thought my mother was different from other mothers because she is incredibly outgoing, curious and adventurous. She taught me to be independent, to ask questions, have strong values and to go out in the world. I am grateful for all she has done and all the things she has taught me in life.

If you are a mother yourself, may you pause and acknowledge yourself for all you have done for your child (children).  We mothers can be critical, often berating ourselves for not doing things perfectly.

Let us honour all mothers around the world. The mothers in war-torn Syria and Iraq.  The mothers in Nigeria whose daughters have been kidnapped. The mothers of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.  The mothers of black men who have been killed by police officers in the U.S.  The mothers of special needs children.  Mothers, both married and single, who need to work to support their families and have to juggle the loads of responsibilities they have. Mothers who work tirelessly for their families with no pay. The mothers in the Nepal earthquake who have lost family, friends and homes.  And the mothers who have died in Nepal.

Women who are pregnant and having a baby this year: may you have a very healthy and happy baby.  May you cherish the experience of being a mother.

Let us acknowledge all the mothers who came before us, our ancestors who birthed all of us.

Finally let us honour our own precious Mother Earth who is the great mother of all living beings on this planet. May we come to recognize we are not separate from her. We are One.  May we stop mistreating her and come to appreciate her and treat her well.   May we live in harmony together.

Let’s (honour) celebrate all mothers all over the world today and always.