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2013: Opening Doors of Possibility

© 2013 Brenda Dineen | Reprinting permission with credit to author

“Sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
                                                                                        -Lewis Carroll

Welcome 2013!  Let’s embrace our new year.

The new year signals change:  fresh opportunities, new goals and a vision of what is possible. In the beginning of the year, you may sense you have the motivation to make some changes or to try something new. No matter what has happened in the past, you can make new choices now. You have the chance to start fresh as you experience doors opening before you. Picture doors of opportunity in front of you. See them opening. As you see a door opening, step through the doorway with enthusiasm and purpose.

We often live with limited views of ourselves and what is possible. This can feel like a dark screen over the lens of our life.  If this were removed, we would see endless possibilities. I think about astronaut Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to walk in outer space, who is currently orbiting Earth many times each day. The photos of our planet are stunning and when I look at them, I feel inspired and moved. Chris not only stepped out of the box, he flew up into space and is staying there for months. You can see his photos online by clicking on this link or google Chris Hadfield.

In our essence, we are made of energy. We are radiating these qualities each moment: either expansion or contraction. It is up to us how we direct our thoughts and our energy. When we put restrictions on ourselves and the possibilities of our life, we don’t see what can manifest.

Consciously direct your self-talk

Our thoughts and feelings continually create the reality that is our life.  Notice how you are talking to yourself today.  Are you saying: “I can’t do that. I’m not smart enough.  It will never happen.”  Or are you saying: “I see that possibility in my life.  I’m going for it.” Thinking positively is a way to open yourself to new possibilities.

You may feel some of these obstacles:

* being afraid of making mistakes

* lacking energy or support

* worrying about the steps to get there

* leaving your comfort zone

Let this be the year you dare to dream

Start to picture what you want. Identify things you want in your life now.  Is it better health and wellness?  Is it closer relationships?  Is it simplifying your life and letting go of what no longer serves you? Is it traveling? Contributing to your community?

Picture a door in front of you.  It is opening and on the other side are immense possibilities. Make a concrete plan that you will share with another person. Sharing will help you solidify your direction.

Suggestions if you are feeling a little stuck:

* Get out of your routine and do something new

* Drive a new route or go to a new place

* Spend  time in nature, among trees or close to water

* Get the support you need.  Free 20 minute phone consultation with me by calling 604-435-9400.

Notice when you feel happy, content or when you shift to feeling expansive. Write about this in your journal or share with someone close to you.

 “I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities.”

                                                       -Whoopi Goldberg

May 2013 be a year when you step out of limitation and embrace new possibilities.

Warm wishes


To assist you in finding and opening the doors of Possibility in your life, please enjoy a guided audio meditation “Opening Doors of Possibility ” by clicking on this text.