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What Anchors You in Life?

© 2012 Brenda Dineen | Reprinting permission with credit to author

Park Bench - Anchor Article

Are you spending much of your daily life running from one thing to the next? Do you feel scattered and disconnected? You may feel something is lacking and yearn to feel more grounded.

How do we get this grounded feeling in our daily life?

Anchors are those things that make us feel grounded and settled.  They can help us feel at home and connected with our inner self.  Anchors are the people, places or things that give us feelings such as:

“Ah, I’m settled.” “I’m home.” “I feel peaceful.” “This feeds my soul.”

Notice what things anchor you in your life. What feeds your soul?  Some possibilities:

  • people:  close friends, mentors, someone who inspires you, someone who has made a difference in your life, someone who believes in you
  • places:  nature, parks, beaches, trees, gardens, your home
  • things:  photos, memorabilia, collections
  • experiences: meditating, being near water, riding a bike, listening to your favorite music, writing, painting, chanting

A number of years ago I found myself drawn to park benches. When I sat on park benches, I would easily fall into contemplating an issue, or reflecting on an experience. It was very comforting.  I found myself feeling very calm, and as I contemplated an issue, an answer flowed through. The park bench became an anchor for me. Then I decided to sit on park benches regularly. I discovered a special one by the river not far from where I live. It has an inscription to a loved one; “You Are My Sunshine.” Many times, I have sat on that bench and have felt the love that was shared.

I have a friend who is an avid writer. She writes each day, both journaling and writing books. She tells me that writing is her anchor and everywhere she goes, she carries a notebook and pen with her.

You may find your daily life so full of your to-do list and many tasks, that you neglect or forget what anchors you. Make it a practice to have some things that anchor you and consciously bring them into your daily life. This is a very individual thing and you may need to feel guided to which things are your particular anchors.

When you do this, you may feel calm, centered and comforted.

Practice:  sit and contemplate what things, people or places are anchors for you.

  • make a list
  • make a commitment to consciously bring these anchors into your life. That is, go to that special place, bring out those photos, call that special someone or sit near water. Whatever it is that makes you feel grounded.
  • notice the feelings your anchors bring to you.

As you consciously invite anchors in your life, notice the strong feelings of comfort and assurance they bring.

Warm wishes,