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Find Your Inner Compass

© 2012 Brenda Dineen | Reprinting permission with credit to author

Are you feeling scattered?  Do you spend much of your time reacting to what life brings you?

A family friend was giving some advice to my daughter, who is in her early 20’s.  “You need a good compass in life,” he said to her. “When you find your compass, you find clear direction, something pointing you to where you want to go.”  In fact, all of us need a compass guiding us. Those of us in midlife and second half of life often find we seek a new sense of direction and purpose.

In our fast-paced world, we need to find ways to balance our workloads and responsibilities as well as focus on what we truly want. Many people live in a continual rush, reacting to what is in front of them, but rarely taking time to sit back and take stock of where life is headed. People who have clear direction, goals and intentions report they feel much more satisfied, and “on track” in life.  They also tend to feel greater well-being and have a sense of purpose.

If you don’t feel you’re in the driver’s seat, you can feel frustrated, exhausted and burned out.

Sit back and ask yourself:

*do I have a clear direction in my life?
*what direction am I being called in?
*what are my top priorities?  How do I focus on them?

A number of years ago I found myself reading books and articles about midlife transitions. Then I would find myself asking people “What are you noticing about being 50?” “What is 60 like for you?” I listened to speakers like James Hollis speaking about finding meaning in the second half of life and Christiane Northrup speaking about the wisdom of menopause.  My mind would light up with inspiration and ideas about this new stage of life, its challenges and promises.  Then I created my own workshops for women going through midlife transitions.  Through all of this I followed my own inner compass. I felt guided by it.

This week, take some time to reflect on where your life is going. To what extent are you satisfied with the pace and direction your life is headed? Notice what changes you would like to bring about.

The compass you seek is inside you.  To find that compass and direction, you need to invest a little time and energy into yourself. We all have an inner guidance system that we tend to hear   when we are quiet and open to its voice. Make your life direction a top priority. When you do this, you may find that you have greater clarity and focus.

Imagine you have an internal compass inside you that knows what is best and what is true for you.  Take a few moments to listen to it now. Notice its voice and guidance.  Picture yourself following it. Notice how you feel as you follow your own inner compass. Your compass can direct you exactly where you want to go.

*what do you see in your life as you follow its direction?
*what will you be saying?  What will others be saying?
*how will you be feeling?

Set your intention on the direction you want to go.  Allow your compass to guide you.

Use this as a practice and it will support you.

Warm wishes,